Anti-Bark Collar for Small Dogs, No Shock Anti Barking Collars with 7 Sensitivities, 3 Adjustable Modes Beep & Vibration, IP67 Waterproof - Effective & Humane Small Dogs Bark Collar-Black

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PcEoTllar Smallest Dog Bark Collar is a revolutionary solution for creating a quieter and happier environment with your furry friend. The LED color screen offers a user-friendly experience by displaying the working mode, sensitivity level, and battery power. Powered by an advanced smart chip, this collar accurately detects barking without the need for a remote, ensuring hassle-free training. Choose from 3 humane and effective no-shock modes: beep, vibration, and beep+vibration, with 7 adjustable sensitivity settings, providing a gentle yet persuasive approach to training. Designed for versatility, the adjustable collar fits dogs weighing 8-110 lbs, making it suitable for most pet dogs.
    • 【For Even The Smallest Barkers】 The adjustable bark collar for small medium dogs fits breeds weighing 8-110lbs. Ideal as a no shock dog barking collar for small medium dogs including chihuahuas and puppies.
    • 【100% Humane & Safe】 No electric shocks or metal prongs. PcEoTllar's humane bark collar uses safe vibrations. Reinforce good behavior and corrects bad doggy barking habits.
    • 【No False Triggers】 The latest chip enables this no bark collar to recognize specific barking sounds, preventing erroneous triggering. The upgraded processor can trigger it within 0.01 seconds without any delay, efficiently preventing dogs from barking.
    • 【Rechargeable】 No worries about replacing the batteries. This anti bark collar for small dogs can be charged using USB within 1-2 hours & holds a charge for up to 14 days.
    • 【Weather-Resistance Design】 no bark collar for small dogs is resistant to rain, snow and mud splashes. You can walk with your pet in any weather. Suitable as a stop barking collar for small dogs for all day.
    PcEoTllar Dog Bark Collar Comes With the Following Features to Help You Training Your dogs.

    🐕 LED Color Screen: The LED display provides a clear indication of the working mode, sensitivity level and battery power.
    🐕 Automatically Stop Dog Barking: With advanced smart chip, PcEoTllar small dog bark collar for small medium dogs can accurate detecte dog barking without remote.
    🐕 No False Trigger & 7 Adjustable Sensitivity: PcEoTllar dog bark collars for small medium dogs are activated by barking. The dog bark collar also has 7 adjustable sensitivity setting to help reduce false triggers.
    🐕 IPX7 Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof design to ensure product quality stability, protect dog bark collar from splash, rain, snow.
    🐕 3 Human and Effective No Shock Modes: Beep, vibration, beep+vibration.
    🐕 Protection Mode: The dog bark collar will temporarily stop working for 75 seconds if it continues to trigger 7 times.
    🐕 Adjustable Collar for 8-110 lbs dogs: The dog bark collar circumference is suitable for most pet dogs.

    In a noisy environment, the sensitivity level should be set between 1-4;

    in a quiet environment, the sensitivity level should be set between 4-7.

    In an environment with multiple dogs, the sensitivity level should be appropriately reduced to 4-1, which can greatly reduce the interference of barking from nearby dogs.

  • Specifications:
    Brand: PcEoTllar
    Color: Black
    Battery: 260mAh
    Material: ABS, Nylon
    Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.6 x 2 Inches; 0.25lbs
  • Package List:
    1 * Bark collar with belt
    1 * Type-C charging cable
    1 * User manual


Brand: PcEoTllar
Color: Black
Battery Size: 3.7V
Manufacturer Part Number: TC316


Instructions: (1) Press the "M" button for 2 seconds to turn the collar on; (2) Then press the "M" button to choose working mode; (3) Press the “S” button to adjust the 7 sensitivity levels. The default sensitivity level is 4. The sensitivity level is higher, the device is easier to be triggered; (4) Press the “M” button for 2 seconds to turn the collar off.


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